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 Ben 'Jammin'

    Ben 'Jammin' (He/Him) is a local brown belt and native to Washington DC. He is a referee  and an active competitor himself. He has been teaching BJJ since 2016.

  • IBJJF DC Open Masters Champion (Blue belt)

  • Fight2Win Pro Veteran (1-0)

Nick Coviello

      Nick (He/Him) is a dedicated martial artist who began his training at 12 years old. He discovered Jiu-Jitsu in college, earning his blue belt while pursuing his studies. Post-graduation, Nick transitioned to teaching martial arts full-time in Easton, MD, and later moved to D.C. in 2018 to enhance his Jiu-Jitsu skills. He now trains and competes across the DMV, making Highstyle Jiu-Jitsu his training home.

  • Bucket of medals from local tournaments

  • Victor in several super fights

  • Accumulating IBJJF accolades

Favorite Moves:

  • Kimuras

  • Lapel guards

  • Crucifix

Recent Achievements:

  • Charleston 2021 IBJJF Open, Adult Purple Belt: Bronze

  • ASIA IBJJF Championship 2023, Masters Purple: Silver


     Devon (He/They) is a dedicated martial artist with extensive experience in judo, holding a first-degree black belt and a coaching certification from USA Judo. They also hold a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Relson Gracie.

  • Champion at Keystone Game and Maryland Open

  • Placed at Judo Carnaval in Cuba

In Jiu-Jitsu:

  • Medalist from bronze to gold at The Good Fight, PBJJ League, and Capitol Classics

Devon's coaching philosophy is inclusive and adaptable, emphasizing that judo and Jiu-Jitsu are for everyone. They believe that the right training program can yield results for anyone, regardless of their physical capabilities.


       Luz (He/They) is the esteemed Muay Thai and Haitian Fencing coach at Highstyle Club. With a robust background in Muay Thai, spanning over ten years, Luz competed with Lotus Thai Boxing in Annandale and brings a profound love and respect for the striking arts to each class, catering to students of all experience levels.

  • Experienced in Avril style Haitian fencing, begun in Haiti in 2021

  • Leads monthly Tire Manchèt circles to teach fundamentals and explore advanced techniques with the machete

In addition to martial arts, Luz is a dedicated community organizer and incorporates over a decade of yoga practice into his teaching, enhancing his approach with mindfulness and flexibility. Luz also explores Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, broadening his martial arts proficiency.

Feel free to reach out to Luz with any questions regarding Muay Thai, Haitian Fencing, or community organizing.

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