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About Us

About Highstyle Jiu Jitsu

Highstyle Jiu-Jitsu is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club that trains and competes out of Adams Morgan, NW Washington DC. Prior to COVID we offered public training, taught free community classes, competed in numerous grappling tournaments. 


After much time away from the mats, the decision was made to continue small group training sessions, tailored to the needs of our students. We are tremendously lucky to share our new space located in the historic Blagden Alley in the Shaw neighborhood. 

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for members of the community where they can focus on fitness and mental wellness. For that reason we do not allow law enforcement into the training facility. 

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Interested in Training?
Contact HighStyle for more information on pricing!

(202) 776 7755

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What do you teach?
We teach jiu jitsu within an inclusive, creative and supportive environment. We promote personal and collective liberation through training.


Where do you train?


We're located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. inside of the Historic Blagden Alley.

907 N St NW # C-2, Washington, DC 20001


Do you have to have experience to join?

No experience is needed! Our only expectations are for people to join us with an open mind and the willingness to learn something new and work with others


Will I get injured if I train Jiu Jitsu?

There is always a risk of injury when practicing any physical activity, let alone a combat sport. In Jiu Jitsu, and especially here at Highstyle, we tend to emphasize safe ways of training and avoiding injury. With more understanding of how the body moves, the better you can care for it.


Do your coaches teach private lessons?

Currently, we private training sessions on a case by case basis.


Who is/is not able to train BJJ?

We do not allow any law enforcement to train with us in order to foster a safer space for the greater community. 


How should I prepare for my first session?

Come prepared for class with comfortable athletic attire, a gi, and a bottle of water. If it's your first class or you don't have a gi, no problem, just let us know before hand and we'll get you a loaner. 

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